Aviation Nightshoot

This event was supposed to be held last year, then weather hit, then six months ago, then COVID restrictions prevented it, so thankfully it finally did happen in early October. A company called Threshold Aero was formed by several aviation enthusiasts, a few of whom I already knew, who saw lots of random companies charging an arm and a leg for aviation photoshoots that were poorly planned and executed. For their nightshoots they bring some very fancy outside lighting gear that’s specifically set with a color temperature that’s friendly to photography. I’ve travelled to Yeovil and back in one day for their events in the past, so this one at the aviation museum at Newquay Airport was a must visit – especially after the first one which happened just a few days before I started uni and so before I could get any kit out!! For this one I took a few lenses for my own 6D Mk2, along with a Fuji GFX 50S.