Aircraft Crashes in Cornwall

As a personal project, I’m currently working on a map showing the locations of aircraft crash sites throughout Cornwall. This is a very large undertaking, so the map is far from being complete at this stage. There are many more sites to be added.

Many of these crash sites are in treacherous locations and/or on private property. I do not condone attempting to locate them in person, and I cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may occur should you do so.

Last updated: 29th August 2020

The project has used and will use information from a wide variety of sources, however there are a number of websites and publications without which this would not be possible at all.

RAF Davidstow Moor – an excellent website with detailed information on aviation in Cornwall during the Second World War, with a focus on the former  RAF Davidstow Moor, near Camelford.

  • Aviation Safety Network – a huge database containing information about thousands of aircraft incidents throughout the world, dating back as far as 1905.

    Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose 1947-1997, Geoff Wakeham, ISBN 978-0953049905 – an invaluable resource documenting the history of my local naval air station.